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We serve individuals and business large and small. From entire corporate branding packages and website design, to photo manipulation or banner design, we assure quality, dependability, and creativity . Our services include but are not limited to:

Corporate Branding, Website Design, Photo Alteration/Manipulation, Brochure Design, Mailer Design, Flyer Design, Newsletters, Plus More!



We want your brand and promotional products to effectively communicate your message and inspire your audience to action. We strive to give individual attention to each of our clients and build a solid long lasting relationship with each of them. Client satisfaction is of high importance to us and we aim to give you a friendly, uncomplicated experience.



Quality. Dependability. Creativity. Simplicity. Trust. Inspiration. Customer Service. Friendship. Expression. Respect.



At Inspired Design Plus, we realize that the world around us is full of inspiration. As designers, we choose to take advantage of it.

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Inspired Design+ was founded by Jessica Ventura in 2012. Growing up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, Jess, founder of the company, found that their ambition and way of life inspired her. She worked alongside her father for many years as he ran his self built company and learned of both the positives and negatives of entrepreneurship. Yet she still continued dreaming of one day owning her own business.


Growing up, people often asked Jess to do odd jobs for them related to media and design. As time went on, gears started turning in her head. As she neared the end of her high school education, a friend of hers introduced her to a degree in Media Technology at a University in Tennessee. Enthusiastic about the program which combined graphic design, web design, photography and some other media related work, she dove in. Completely aware of the challenges of entrepreneurship, she completed the program fully intent on opening her own company where she could serve businesses with her design related skills. Jess's dream and passion became a reality when in 2012 she officially became "Inspired Design+ ."

She now says of the company, "I started out simply by being inspired by people, by nature, by God, and by art. I'm still daily inspired and I aim to inspire others with my passion for life, work, and design! I love people and I love to make their business experience simple. I am a small company, with inspired ideas." To find out more about Jess's hobbies, click HERE



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"I hired Jessica to create a brand for our emerging helicopter company. I was blown away by the variety of options she presented us, and we love the final product. Since creating our initial logo/brand, we have had her create business cards, our website and promotional materials. She's easy to work with and we're never disappointed."  

Right Brother Aviation

“Oh my God I absolutely love the logo you did for us! It’s so awesome. Thank you so much!”

Northwoods Assasins Outdoors
Marty Glica

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